Questions You Should Ask Your Window Cleaner

It would be safe to say that you want to get the most out of the resources that you put towards getting your windows cleaned. With that in mind, communication is key! As a business owner, a big part of my job is making sure that we meet client expectations. We try our hardest to specify exactly what our service entails and what is included in a client’s quote that has been tailored to their home. When hiring a window cleaner, it pays to ask them certain questions so that you are both on the same page with regards to the work being carried out. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to strap them down and roll out your best interrogation techniques, it’s simply a part of the conversation that you have when receiving a quote.  

While reading the suggested questions, it’s good to keep in mind that a good window cleaner isn’t necessarily going to be the cheapest, however, an expensive window cleaner isn’t necessarily going to be the best. It’s all about what you want out of your experience and asking some questions may help you to find a good fit. So here we go, questions to ask your window cleaner:

What is included in my quote?

This one may seem like a no brainer but it’s really quite important. Window cleaning can be priced to include certain services or priced to leave certain aspects out. Some examples: Does your quote include a clean of screens? Are the tracks getting vacuumed and wiped out? Or, just a wipe. Will the window cleaner remove any paint they come across?

These are some aspects that can be included in a quote or can be left out, depending on your own personal wants, needs, and budget. 

**Warning** The cheapest price is not necessarily the best value. For example, let’s say that you receive a quote for $200 from one window cleaner and $180 from another. Which offers the best value? The second one at $180, right?! Not necessarily, perhaps he has quoted “glass only”, for an extra $20 bucks you may have your screens cleaned or tracks vacuumed and, value wise, the first quote is actually better. You get the point. Cheap isn’t always better. 

Do you have public liability?

Often a window cleaning business will advertise on his website or social profiles that they are insured. It’s worth checking for the peace of mind that if something goes wrong their business can cover the cost of reparations. Neither the window cleaner nor the client wants mishaps to happen, but even with the off chance of something going wrong it’s good to know that it’s covered. 

Window cleaning can often require specialised techniques and equipment to get the best results in the least intrusive way.

Window cleaning can often require specialised techniques and equipment to get the best results in the least intrusive way.

Are you a professional window cleaner? / Is window cleaning your specialty?

As a window cleaner, I wouldn’t be able to clean an oven like a professional and I might not be much chop at, say, cleaning a pool. The cleaning industry is made up of several different aspects. An average cleaner may be awesome at giving your home a general clean but might not be the best option for your windows. Unfortunately, too often we see scratched windows because someone who doesn’t specialise in window cleaning has tried to remove abrasive residue or used a harsh cleaning method.

Professional window cleaners have specialised tools and methods for cleaning windows efficiently, correctly, and without risk of damage to your home or workspace.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

The answer to this question can differ so much on the environment of your home or business. For example, if you live by the sea it may be necessary to have your windows cleaned quarterly. If you live in a typical home and suburb it may only be necessary annually or bi-annually. Whatever your situation, why not ask for your window cleaner’s opinion. Then you can plan a regular maintenance plan with him.

Get in touch! 

You may have your own questions after reading this article. If you live on the Gold Coast, Australia, feel free to get in touch with us and we can answer your questions over the phone or in-person. If you don’t live on the Gold Coast and have a window cleaning related question, feel free to email us and we will try our best to answer. Also check out our comprehensive FAQ, we may already have the answer to your question!

Find the Right Window Cleaner (Or Any Service Provider)

Doesn’t it feel great to have a trusting relationship with the businesses that you have dealings with. For example, the housekeeper that you can trust with a key to your home or the young gentleman who has serviced your car for the past 10 years that has never missed a beat. Maybe you enjoy your peace and quiet, which means you and your gardener get a long like a house on fire because he understands that. The client and service provider relationship is any interesting one. We come in and out of your lives for fleeting moments but these moments can have a huge impact on how smooth your life runs. From a pragmatic point of view, it’s also necessary for you to get the most value out of your money when engaging a business for their services. This is no different when looking for a window cleaner. When looking for a window cleaner for your home or even your office, it is important to establish what you want out of the arrangement, especially if your looking for a window cleaner on a long-term basis.

So how is this possible? Well, between your initial contact and going ahead with a quote there are opportunities to, first, get a gauge on what the window cleaner is like, and secondly, ask him or her some pertinent questions. As a professional window cleaner I’m going to give you some inside tips for finding the best window cleaner for your needs. So let’s get into it, here are some key points and questions to take into consideration.

How does your potential window cleaner present himself?

How does your potential window cleaner present himself?

  1. What is their reputation.
    In our technologically driven society you can have a wealth of information about a business available to you in the click of a couple of buttons. Online reviews, particularly on Google or Facebook, are a great way to check out a business’s reputation when you are searching for a window cleaner. It’s interesting how people get excited when they’ve found a great cleaner and, often, they want to share their positive experiences with others. However, if someone has a bad review or two it’s not the end of the world, often they have the opportunity to reply to negative feedback and this creates an opportunity to see how they react.

  2. Presence and branding.
    How do they position themselves in relationship to their competitors? Do they have a decent website? Do they seem put together? Perhaps with a decent logo and a portfolio of their work. These may be superficial aspects of a window cleaning business, however, in my experience if a window cleaner has taken the time to establish a local brand and web presence it may indicate they take pride in their business and what they do.

  3. Initial contact.
    First impressions can tell you so much about a window cleaning business. How do they answer the phone? If they don’t answer, how quickly do they get back to you? Do they write back to your email? Again it’s good to be reasonable, a good window cleaner will be busy, but they won’t let you wait for an extended time period without getting back to you regarding your enquiry.
    Another important factor is the tone of your interaction. Remember that they are getting paid to clean your windows so they shouldn’t be “bothered” by your enquiry. There should be an air of mutual client-contractor respect straight off the bat.

  4. The quote.
    Similarly to your initial contact, the manner in which a quote is delivered can tell you a lot about the potential service. A good window cleaner will explain what is, and isn’t, included in the pricing. They will be flexible to your needs to a reasonable degree. You may have questions regarding the service and if you want to maintain a good long-term relationship it pays to be upfront and gauge the responses.

  5. The work.
    So you’ve been given a quote, checked out some reviews and chosen a window cleaner. Now the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.
    Have they delivered the service that was outlined in the quote? Ideally they have done the job to the standard that they outlined in the quote and in your verbal interactions. If they have missed something it isn’t necessarily the end of the world, it is just another opportunity to see how they respond. A good window cleaning business or contractor will offer to return to fix what they have missed, or explain why it was left. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we deal with our mistakes that counts.

In conclusion. It’s such a relief when you find a service that offers quality work and client satisfaction. Finding and building a rapport with a good window cleaner will make your life easier. You may only see them twice a year, but why not find someone who is a good fit and who you trust to be in your home. Our lives are made up of a series of daily interactions, applying these principles ensures that you will have more positive interactions each week.

The Deeper Side of Window Cleaning

My wife and I recently came across a lady who was busking. She offered to “write a poem on ANY topic”. I took her up on the challenge and asked for a poem about window cleaning, expecting to be handed a sheet of squeegee puns. The results were different to what I expected and, I must say, a little deeper than I was imagining!

Super interesting poem about window cleaning.

Window Cleaning~

Making your link to

the outside world

clear and shiny~ The windows

are like the eyes of a building

nobody wants a grimy soul,

But not many know how

To tend the glass just right

so there is no trace

or streak of what has been

to the ‘window~

just a clear barrier,

barely seen~

For the less there is of a window

the more we know it is clean!

~Angelina Stanton, Melbourne 24.08.09

What Is Professional Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaners have specialised equipment to reach high windows without risk of damage.

Professional window cleaners have specialised equipment to reach high windows without risk of damage.

Often while quoting jobs we come across people who ask questions like: What is included in a window cleaning service? What exactly do we do different to a general cleaner? Why should I get my windows cleaned by a professional? Why can’t I seem to get my windows to look as good when I clean them? All very valid questions. The purpose of this article will be to shed some light on what we do, why we are professionals and why we save you, the client, time and resources.

The obvious answer is that we clean windows! It’s what we do and gosh darn it we do it well! All jokes aside, the truth is that a professional window cleaner has his craft down to a fine art, translating to beautiful, streak, scratch and smear free windows. You really can’t achieve that with a spray bottle product or just hosing them off.

A professional window cleaner has special tools to guarantee quality work and to also make the job safer. Poles and ladders help us reach heights that our clients can’t, squeegees and applicators help to get a smear free finish and high quality microfibres are used to detail the glass. A professional may even utilise a purified water fed pole system to reach glass that is impossible to clean by hand. Also in the bag of tricks are blades, steel wool, scrubbing pads and much more. Put simply professional window cleaner will use professional tools.

However, the tools don’t make a professional a professional, so to speak. Along with the right gear goes a niche skill set. Window cleaning is more than just dragging a squeegee across the glass. There are professional techniques that allow a window cleaner to pull the dirty water down from the top of the glass to the bottom with no run off, streaks or moisture spots. This is what will give you flawless glass, the type of glass you will walk into if you are not careful.

It doesn’t stop there, glass is just one aspect of a window, they also include tracks and screens. Professional window cleaners offer packages that go beyond cleaning just glass. Special vacuums and brushes go a long way in getting your tracks as close to new as possible. A good window cleaner will also offer to include your screens in your quote so that you can maximise the benefits and value.

Finally, it must be underscored that a professional window cleaner is able to assess a job and work out the best way to get your windows cleaned without damaging the glass, your home or putting anyone or anything in danger. They are also able to assess glass and work out a solution to restore it to its original glory. Sometimes my wife and I joke that we aren’t window cleaners but, in fact, glass restorationists (yes we take our job too serious!?)

There are also aspects of the craft that clients might forget about. For example, a conscientious business owner will have public liability and any necessary insurances to carry out a job.

Now that it’s been established what a professional window cleaner does and you’ve had a glimpse of what is included in their services, it is easy to see why window cleaning is a valuable part of home maintenance. Finally, speaking from the Twenty20 team, a professional window cleaner enjoys their work, has a passion for their business and derives satisfaction from delivering results to their clientele. If you would like a quote for a professional window cleaner don’t hesitate to fill out our no obligation quote form, on our Contact Us page.

What Happens When We Quote

Is it a little unsettling to think about having somebody come to your house to do a quote? Have you wondered how much you need to budget for window cleaning? Does a free quote come with an obligation to use our service? All of these are very valid questions or concerns, they are all concerns that I would think about myself when I need to get a quote from someone. With that in mind, this post is designed to take the mystery out of our quoting process and make you feel at ease to pick up that telephone and give us a call.

Click on the image for your personal, free, no obligation quote.

Click on the image for your personal, free, no obligation quote.

First, let’s run through our quoting process and after we will answer some commonly asked questions about our quotes. So here it is, what to expect when receiving a quote:

  • First there will be initial contact. Whether you email, text or call us, we are available to take your quote request. You may even like to fill out our quote form here, which gives us enough of your information for us to follow up on.

  • When we first touch base we will usually ask for some general details. Where you are situated, the size of your home and how urgent the job is, are some examples of information that we may ask about to get an idea of what the job entails. If you are unsure of the answers that’s no problem, we will find out when we take a look at the job.

  • In most cases, we will also set up an appointment to pass by your home or business to take a look at what is involved. Sometimes we will give you a rough idea of pricing on the phone, however to give you the best and most accurate price it is always good for us to take a quick look at the job. We only need to see the outside of the home or business and you don’t have to be there if it isn’t convenient.

  • We will pass by your home or business and do a count of window panes etc. We look at the condition of the glass, tracks and screens and any factors like paint overspray, builders residue or ladder access.

  • By this point we should well and truly have a price for you. We can send this information to you or often we can give you the price onsite after taking a look. Keep in mind that we keep our prices very reasonable, however, our quotes are designed to factor in doing an excellent job, working under public liability and providing a premium service you will be satisfied with.

  • If you decide to go ahead with your quote we will get you booked in for your cleaning at a convenient time that suits you as soon as possible.

There you have it, the whole process from start to finish. As you can see, nothing too complicated. Now here are some answers to some commonly asked questions:

Can you give me a quote over the phone?
We can give you an idea of what it will cost over the phone, however, we always confirm pricing onsite. This way we can always guarantee you the best value for money.

Do I need to be home to get a quote?
No, it is easy for us to quote by inspecting the outside perimeter of the job.

How long does it take?
We usually only need 5-10 minutes onsite to calculate the quote.

Am I obligated to follow through in any way?
No, not at all. We are quite happy to provide you with a quote, even if you decide not to go ahead.

What if I have a cheaper quote from someone else?
We try and keep our pricing as reasonable as possible. We understand that we aren’t always going to be the cheapest. We never want to sacrifice work quality, safety or attention to detail so that we can drop prices. We firmly believe that we are worth every cent. If you do get a cheaper quote, we suggest that you check they have public liability and that tracks and screens are included in your quote.

Hopefully we have answered a lot of your questions. If you are still wondering about something regarding our quoting system or if you have a window cleaning question in general, get in touch with us on 0426 482 430 or

Post Construction Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows, builders cleans, can be tough after construction.

Picture this: You’ve just spent half a year building your dream home. The builder has handed you the key and you walk in for the final inspection. You open the front door and stroll through the hallway, you get a whiff of that new home smell. As you approach the back of the home you are excited to check out the homes most appealing feature, the back verandah facing out to an incredible view. But as you walk up to your expensive glass sliding doors all you can notice is paint overspray, silicone and builders residue. The only way you can tell that there has been an attempt to clean the windows is by the slight scratch marks you can see where the factory sticker once was.

Ok, maybe that sounds a little dramatic but unfortunately aspects of  this scenario can often be a reality. Hiring a professional window cleaner with a good reputation is key to ensuring that your post build or renovation window cleaning goes well. On our blog we have previously talked about the value of windows, and how they represent a tangible investment as a key feature in your home. This is even more true of a new or newly renovated home. By having a professional window cleaner do the initial clean of your windows you are protecting your investment.

With all of this in mind, here are some suggestions for protecting your windows during a build:

  • First, we would recommend having a frank discussion with your builder and relevant tradesman about your expectations of keeping the glass in good condition. 

  • Strongly encourage the builder to tape protective plastic to the windows once installed and have the individual trades reapply plastic as needed.

  • Throughout the build, but particularly when there is any sanding being done or saw dust in the air, you can periodically vacuum out tracks to protect them from being damaged or getting wet and turning to mud.

  • Be aware of any grinding being done close to window glass, as the metal shards burn into the glass and do permanent damage.

  • When the concreting is done on any outside areas of the home make sure that any glass is covered and protected, as often concrete can be splashed up onto the glass. If this is not removed properly it can scratch your glass.

  • If painters are using a spray gun, be mindful that paint overspray is very common, even with the most skilled and vigilant painters.

  • Don’t try to clean the glass without the correct tools or products. For example, using a regular steel wool vs a super fine steel wool to remove residue.

Navigating these pitfalls is crucial to keeping your windows in mint condition through a build or renovation. The Twenty20 team is passionate about delivering quality window cleaning services and this includes builders cleans are no exception. We use the correct tools and products to deal with post construction issues, ready for you to enjoy your glass when you move in. Check out some reviews and example photos to find out more.

Professional Window Cleaning - Why?

Have you thought about having your windows cleaned professionally but wondered what the actual benefits are? This two part article has been written to show you the primary reasons for having your windows professionally cleaned.

1.     Value your glass

Windows are not cheap to install or replace so why not look after the ones you already have. As an example, replacing just one window can cost hundreds of dollars, while the cost of having a window pane cleaned and tracks wiped starts from only $4. This represents a very small percentage of what the window costs, making it a worthwhile investment in the maintenance of your home.

Just some of the factors that could affect the value of your glass are: mold build up, hard-water stains (similar to what happens with your shower glass), damage to tinting and tracks not running properly. Having a regular window maintenance plan can help avoid all of these problems and limit general deterioration.

2.     Value your home.

If you’re a homeowner your house represents a big investment. As with any investment you want it to hold its value or even appreciate, rather than depreciate, in value. The windows and the view from your home can have a real impact on the value of your home. As discussed in the previous point, by maintaining your windows properly you are protecting your investment, including your windows, as an asset.

3.     The right tools for the right job.

Let’s face it, popular DIY window cleaning products don’t really do a great job of getting your windows looking great. Some products simply smear marks rather than remove them, whilst others leave a residue on the glass. On top of that, using these products takes way more time and effort than it should along with sub-par results. The proper equipment that a professional window cleaner uses will make your windows much cleaner and remove any smears or residue. It’s not just the squeegee either; a good window cleaner will have all sorts of tricks to take off builder’s residue, nasty bird or bug poo and everything else you can imagine.

4.     Buying out time for yourself.

We live in a busy society, time and energy are arguably one of our most precious resources. Some of our clients have commented that previously, before having their windows cleaned professionally, they have spent hours or even days cleaning the windows through their whole home. A professional window cleaner can often do a better job in less time, allowing homeowners to spend more time with their family, relaxing or focusing on their work.

There you have the it, some really good reasons for hiring a window cleaner! Stay tuned for more informative content.

If you are interested in a free quote and window maintenance plan on the Gold Coast you can get in touch with us HERE.