Window cleaning is our passion at twenty20. 
Our lifes work is improving your vision.


The core of twenty20 window cleaning is us... Paul and Jess. Window cleaning on the Gold Coast is just one aspect of what we do, we also love to connect with our clients and firmly believe that a happy work-life balance means enjoying what you do. Our business is all about bringing what is important to us into our work environment, incorporating family, good work ethic and honest values into all that we do. Of course our biggest on job priority is making sure that our clients have a positive experience. While our business is now on the Gold Coast, we've had some interesting opportunities to window clean overseas and have loved learning how people do things different in different places. 

Now down to the nitty gritty... We have experience in both residential and commercial window cleaning environments. From houses to restaurants to office buildings, whatever your needs are we can find a solution to get your glass clean. As a couple we also recognize that window cleaning is more than just cleaning the glass, we include cleaning screens and tracks into our services also.


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The twenty20 Team

One half of our team.

Paul Routledge

The other other half of the team.

Jess Routledge