Professional Window Cleaning - Why?

Have you thought about having your windows cleaned professionally but wondered what the actual benefits are? This two part article has been written to show you the primary reasons for having your windows professionally cleaned.

1.     Value your glass

Windows are not cheap to install or replace so why not look after the ones you already have. As an example, replacing just one window can cost hundreds of dollars, while the cost of having a window pane cleaned and tracks wiped starts from only $4. This represents a very small percentage of what the window costs, making it a worthwhile investment in the maintenance of your home.

Just some of the factors that could affect the value of your glass are: mold build up, hard-water stains (similar to what happens with your shower glass), damage to tinting and tracks not running properly. Having a regular window maintenance plan can help avoid all of these problems and limit general deterioration.

2.     Value your home.

If you’re a homeowner your house represents a big investment. As with any investment you want it to hold its value or even appreciate, rather than depreciate, in value. The windows and the view from your home can have a real impact on the value of your home. As discussed in the previous point, by maintaining your windows properly you are protecting your investment, including your windows, as an asset.

3.     The right tools for the right job.

Let’s face it, popular DIY window cleaning products don’t really do a great job of getting your windows looking great. Some products simply smear marks rather than remove them, whilst others leave a residue on the glass. On top of that, using these products takes way more time and effort than it should along with sub-par results. The proper equipment that a professional window cleaner uses will make your windows much cleaner and remove any smears or residue. It’s not just the squeegee either; a good window cleaner will have all sorts of tricks to take off builder’s residue, nasty bird or bug poo and everything else you can imagine.

4.     Buying out time for yourself.

We live in a busy society, time and energy are arguably one of our most precious resources. Some of our clients have commented that previously, before having their windows cleaned professionally, they have spent hours or even days cleaning the windows through their whole home. A professional window cleaner can often do a better job in less time, allowing homeowners to spend more time with their family, relaxing or focusing on their work.

There you have the it, some really good reasons for hiring a window cleaner! Stay tuned for more informative content.

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