The Deeper Side of Window Cleaning

My wife and I recently came across a lady who was busking. She offered to “write a poem on ANY topic”. I took her up on the challenge and asked for a poem about window cleaning, expecting to be handed a sheet of squeegee puns. The results were different to what I expected and, I must say, a little deeper than I was imagining!

Super interesting poem about window cleaning.

Window Cleaning~

Making your link to

the outside world

clear and shiny~ The windows

are like the eyes of a building

nobody wants a grimy soul,

But not many know how

To tend the glass just right

so there is no trace

or streak of what has been

to the ‘window~

just a clear barrier,

barely seen~

For the less there is of a window

the more we know it is clean!

~Angelina Stanton, Melbourne 24.08.09