How often should I have my windows cleaned?

We don't have a definitive answer for this question. We believe that good window maintenance is crucial to maintaining the quality of a home. Some people opt to have windows cleaned once every 6 months, while others every 3 months or yearly. We like to check in with our regular customers every 6 months.

Do you clean tracks and screens?

We sure do! We will usually include a clean of your tracks and a wipe of your screens in our quote.

Do you have public liability?

Yes! We value the safety of our customers and their home very much.

Will rain ruin my newly cleaned windows?

The rain itself will not ruin your windows as rain droplets have no particle content and dry without leaving a trace. However, if heavy rain drips off a dirty frame, splashes up off the ground or is hit by dusty wind afterwards, there is a chance that the rain may dry leaving these dirt particles on the glass. If you have your windows, frames and screens cleaned regularly than this will lessen the effects that rain has on your windows.

Will you still clean my windows in the rain?

Our priority is to give our clients the best clean possible, if the rain is going to affect that we will postpone your job for another convenient time. If it is raining lightly we will continue with the job as planned.

I have 3 storey or higher windows, can you clean them?

We can do 3 stories and higher with the use of our water fed pole and filtration system. We will take these factors into consideration when we do a quote, just mention to us that you have high windows when we make contact to organize the quote.

Can we remove hard-water stains?

Hard-water stains look like droplets that have dried on your glass, however they cannot be removed. In a normal standard clean, we do not remove hard-water staining. If your windows or pool fencing need hard-water stain removal let us know and we will, firstly, take a look at the extent of the stains and work out what can be done, secondly, work out a pricing package to include this service.

Do you quote in person?

We find that to give our clients the best price possible it is best to pass-by to take a look at the job in person. However, it may be possible to give you a rough idea of a price over the phone and confirm the price later on-site.

Do I have to be home when you clean my windows?

Not necessarily, however, if we are cleaning the insides we will need access to the house. Whatever works for you.

How do you take payment?

We accept all major debit / credit cards through our verified card reader. We also accept bank transfers and cash. We can alway supply a receipt / invoice for your payment.

Do you use any harmful chemicals?

All of our products are eco and human friendly, just like us…

How long will it take to clean my windows?

The time to complete a job will depend on the size and complexity of your home or business. As a rough idea, a 3 or 4 bedroom, single story home will take around 3 hours to complete. We are always going to spend the time necessary to deliver the best results.