What Is Professional Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaners have specialised equipment to reach high windows without risk of damage.

Professional window cleaners have specialised equipment to reach high windows without risk of damage.

Often while quoting jobs we come across people who ask questions like: What is included in a window cleaning service? What exactly do we do different to a general cleaner? Why should I get my windows cleaned by a professional? Why can’t I seem to get my windows to look as good when I clean them? All very valid questions. The purpose of this article will be to shed some light on what we do, why we are professionals and why we save you, the client, time and resources.

The obvious answer is that we clean windows! It’s what we do and gosh darn it we do it well! All jokes aside, the truth is that a professional window cleaner has his craft down to a fine art, translating to beautiful, streak, scratch and smear free windows. You really can’t achieve that with a spray bottle product or just hosing them off.

A professional window cleaner has special tools to guarantee quality work and to also make the job safer. Poles and ladders help us reach heights that our clients can’t, squeegees and applicators help to get a smear free finish and high quality microfibres are used to detail the glass. A professional may even utilise a purified water fed pole system to reach glass that is impossible to clean by hand. Also in the bag of tricks are blades, steel wool, scrubbing pads and much more. Put simply professional window cleaner will use professional tools.

However, the tools don’t make a professional a professional, so to speak. Along with the right gear goes a niche skill set. Window cleaning is more than just dragging a squeegee across the glass. There are professional techniques that allow a window cleaner to pull the dirty water down from the top of the glass to the bottom with no run off, streaks or moisture spots. This is what will give you flawless glass, the type of glass you will walk into if you are not careful.

It doesn’t stop there, glass is just one aspect of a window, they also include tracks and screens. Professional window cleaners offer packages that go beyond cleaning just glass. Special vacuums and brushes go a long way in getting your tracks as close to new as possible. A good window cleaner will also offer to include your screens in your quote so that you can maximise the benefits and value.

Finally, it must be underscored that a professional window cleaner is able to assess a job and work out the best way to get your windows cleaned without damaging the glass, your home or putting anyone or anything in danger. They are also able to assess glass and work out a solution to restore it to its original glory. Sometimes my wife and I joke that we aren’t window cleaners but, in fact, glass restorationists (yes we take our job too serious!?)

There are also aspects of the craft that clients might forget about. For example, a conscientious business owner will have public liability and any necessary insurances to carry out a job.

Now that it’s been established what a professional window cleaner does and you’ve had a glimpse of what is included in their services, it is easy to see why window cleaning is a valuable part of home maintenance. Finally, speaking from the Twenty20 team, a professional window cleaner enjoys their work, has a passion for their business and derives satisfaction from delivering results to their clientele. If you would like a quote for a professional window cleaner don’t hesitate to fill out our no obligation quote form, on our Contact Us page.