Twenty20 Window Cleaning Gold Coast

As a local Gold Coast family run business we believe in adding value to our community through the work that we do. At twenty20 window cleaning we are all about keeping all of our clients satisfied. Whether its commercial or residential window cleaning, we are dedicated to delivering high quality, premier window cleaning service. In short, you will see results!

This site serves as a showcase for the different types of work that we do. Our blog also provides some window cleaning wisdom, do-it-yourself tips and discusses industry specific topics of interest. Continue reading below to see the different window cleaning services we offer on both the Gold Coast and Northern NSW coast.

When searching for a Window Cleaner a year ago I found twenty20 Window cleaning. Their prompt, courteous and good old fashioned “customer service” sold me and I have not been disappointed. Paul and Jess do incredible work. I have referred them to many of my friends and neighbours.
— Gail Harbott, Gold Coast Resident


You want your home to look great and so do we! We clean windows, screens and tracks on multi-level homes all over the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

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 How your business looks has a direct impact on your success. Clean windows are a great way to attract new customers and keep the old ones coming.

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Solar Panels

 As much light as possible that hits a solar panel means more electricity generation and a smaller power bill. Don't let bird poo and dirt cost you.

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Gutter Cleaning

Watch this space for Gutter Cleaning news.

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Builders cleans

Have you just finished constructing or renovating your Gold Coast property? Don’t let construction residue cost you your beautiful windows. Twenty20 specialise in post-construction window cleaning.

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Maintenance of windows often falls into the care of a buildings Body Corporate, Strata, or, a Property Manager. Find a flexible window or solar panel cleaning package for buildings of all types and sizes.

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Domestic Window Cleaning on the Gold Coast


Your home is a place where you want to feel comfortable and secure. Twenty20 offers premier window cleaning services that leave you happier and comfortable in your home with a wonderful view. We understand the need as visitors to your home to be respectful of your property and your security. As a husband and wife team we take the utmost care when window cleaning residential properties on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

We go above and beyond to deliver the best service possible. Our general window clean for a house includes not only your glass but a clean of tracks and screens. We have flexible pricing when the need for more thorough cleaning on screens and tracks are needed.

Our Services Include:

  • Window cleaning for your home, rental or investment property.

  • Builders cleans for your new home.

  • Bond cleans for when you are leaving a property.

  • Cleaning of window and sliding door tracks.

  • Cleaning of window screens and security screens.

Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions:

How often should I have my windows cleaned?
It is recommended that you have your windows cleaned around twice a year.

What is included in a window cleaning service?
Professional window cleaners will often clean your glass inside and out, your screens and tracks. It’s possible to specify what you do or don’t want included.

Why have my windows cleaned professionally?
They will look fantastic, you will save time and energy, there is a lower risk of damaging the windows, and professionals have the right equipment to get the best results.

How much does window cleaning cost?
This will depend on the size of your home or business. The difficulty of a job is also taken into consideration. It is best to have a chat with your window cleaner to price a package that works for your needs and budget.

More questions? Check out our complete FAQ or feel free to lodge an enquiry through our no obligation quote form on our contact page.

Twenty20 offer a range of window cleaning solutions for homes from Currumbin to Ashmore.
Pool fencing or balustrades look fantastic when cleaned properly. This pool fence in Currumbin sparkled after a squeegee.

Commercial Window Cleaning on the Gold Coast


From Shopfronts to Restaurants to Offices, twenty20 is here to help with all of your Gold Coast commercial window cleaning needs. How your business looks has a direct affect on how potential customers view you. Clean windows is key to presenting your workplace in a clean and professional light. Clean windows looks great on shopfronts, cafes, restaurants and offices, potentially attracting new customers and clients.

twenty20 is flexible with your commercial window cleaning needs and we offer pricing packages to suit. For example, some businesses prefer bi-weekly window cleaning, while others may prefer monthly or even quarterly services. Call us to receive a no obligation quote and have a chat about the cleaning needs of your business.

Cafes on the coast attract more customers if they utilize window cleaning services.
This floor of offices in Varsity Lakes, Robina looked fantastic after window cleaning.

Post Construction and Renovation Window Cleaning on the Gold Coast


Building and renovating a house can make quite a mess. Sometimes that mess gets on the windows. Concrete, paint, sawdust and stickers, are a few examples of what we call builders residue. If left on windows they can damage the glass, cause scratches and, putting it straight, just looks ugly.

Building and renovating on the Gold Coast is never a cheap endeavor, installing new windows is no exception. Therefore, it is worth investing the money into having professional window cleaning to protect your windows as an asset.

Cleaning windows after construction includes the use of some unique methods and sometimes requires special tools to safely remove the builders residue from the glass. House cleaners and after build cleaners sometimes do not have the expertise to tackle these precarious issues.

Call us to enquire about the your post construction window cleaning needs. We offer a free in person inspection of the build, a regular glass maintenance plan and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Get in touch with us for a quote or click onto our “Contact Us” page to fill out a quote request form.


Solar Panel Cleaning on the Gold Coast


Regular Solar Panel maintenance and cleaning is a must when it comes to energy efficiency and extending the life of your solar panel system. Build up of grime, mold and even moss can have a dramatic affect on how much sunlight hits your panels, in turn, this could affect how much money you will pay on power and even your warranty.

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Why bother having your Gold Coast Solar Panels cleaned professionally?

Save money: Many of us take great pride in cleaning our car, and while it may look great, it won’t improve the fuel efficiency or cost of running the car. This is where Solar Panel Cleaning is unique, by regularly cleaning your Solar Panels you increase the efficiency of the Panels and reduce your electricity bill!

Manufacturers warranty: Many Solar Panel manufacturers recommend annual or regular cleaning. If you have an issue with your Solar Panel system the manufacturer or supplier may enquire into whether you have followed this recommendation.

Correct Equipment: Hosing off your Panels isn’t sufficient. You need to agitate the dirt and residue that is baked onto the surface. You also need to wash the grime off with “de-ionized” (purified) water, so that no hard water or mineral is left to dry on the Panel. A professional Water-Fed Pole system is perfect for this purpose.

Safety: Solar Panels are installed on the pitch of a roof for maximum sun exposure, this creates a degree of difficulty cleaning them. Professionals are trained and have experience using ladders and working on roofs.

Get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote to clean your Gold Coast Solar Panels!

Clean solar panels work better and look better.
These are solar tubes rather than solar panels, but still perform better when clean.