Solar Panel Cleaning on the Gold Coast


Regular Solar Panel maintenance and cleaning is a must when it comes to energy efficiency and extending the life of your solar panel system. Build up of grime, mold and even moss can have a dramatic affect on how much sunlight hits your panels, in turn, this could affect how much money you will pay on power and even your warranty.

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Why bother having your Gold Coast Solar Panels cleaned professionally?

Save money: Many of us take great pride in cleaning our car, and while it may look great, it won’t improve the fuel efficiency or cost of running the car. This is where Solar Panel Cleaning is unique, by regularly cleaning your Solar Panels you increase the efficiency of the Panels and reduce your electricity bill!

Manufacturers warranty: Many Solar Panel manufacturers recommend annual or regular cleaning. If you have an issue with your Solar Panel system the manufacturer or supplier may enquire into whether you have followed this recommendation.

Correct Equipment: Hosing off your Panels isn’t sufficient. You need to agitate the dirt and residue that is baked onto the surface. You also need to wash the grime off with “de-ionized” (purified) water, so that no hard water or mineral is left to dry on the Panel. A professional Water-Fed Pole system is perfect for this purpose.

Safety: Solar Panels are installed on the pitch of a roof for maximum sun exposure, this creates a degree of difficulty cleaning them. Professionals are trained and have experience using ladders and working on roofs.

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Clean solar panels work better and look better.
These are solar tubes rather than solar panels, but still perform better when clean.